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We are Avedani, a boutique everyday jewelry brand for modern women. Our mission is to create authentic high quality and very wearable jewelry experience for active and bright modern women.

It is all about the journey! We spend most of our time doing regular things like groceries shopping, working from home or office and taking kids out to the playground. Our models are designed to fit every outfit and most will not look out of place with your favourite t-shirt when you take the garbage out ;-) 

We believe in quality relationships, and your accessories are no exception. That's why we strive to create durable yet budget-friendly designs by merging modern computer technology with traditional goldsmith techniques.


All our models are designed and produced in the Netherlands. All items are made of sterling silver because our customers deserve the best experience available for their money.

We send 10% of our profit to support the people of Ukraine in the devastating struggle that they are facing these days.


We hope that our jewelry will bring you joy! 


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